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                Construction & General Engineering Contractor


  EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm


                    Section 402 of TSCA

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                California State Contractor license  # 688868

                                              fully insured

   Paving, grading, Slurry Sealing, Paving , Concrete

Sidewalk, Curve, gutters, water, sewer, pipelines

    General Engineering Contractor

 Number One in  Commercial, Industrial, Residential, insurance, New Construction, Improvement, and Remodeling. Contractor since 1994.

We do it all from remodeling, addition to  new construction, plumbing, electrical, roofing, stucco, concrete, framing, bath and kitchen, patio, flooring, no job is to big or small  

We are committed to providing affordable services that are performed to the highest standard. Over 20 years of construction experience in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. We focus on the services that have the biggest impact on your building's value.

If you are looking for ways to make the most of your buildings, our construction improvement solutions will help you fulfill your dreams.

In the past, building owners who had outgrown a property would simply sell the place and move on to bigger, better buildings. But times have changed, and so have the needs of Construction Industry .

Instead of packing up and selling your building  and moving when the value has reduced, Californians now know that it’s often smarter to remodel and up grade your property to increase in looks and value 

When you remodel your property with the help of an experienced, stable construction company, you will have a customized building that will give you years of satisfaction.



BBB records show a license number of 688868 for this company, issued by CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE BOARD.

 Type: Contractors State License Board

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